Sex Miseducation

  • Client
  • Salón Erótico de Barcelona
  • Year
  • 2018
  • Work
  • Strategy, Creaativity, Production
  • Director
  • Carles Valdés

For the Barcelona Erotic Show on it’s 2018 issue, the challenge was a major one: to deliver the changes on the model of the Show and the think process behind them: porn is, in real life, filling in for a virtually non-existent sex education.

And since the SEB has little saying on the education model for the country, they decided to step forward and take a good look at the representations of sex and relationships porn enacts, to be able to evolve to a new model of SEB and clear the path for a change in the industry.

The goal was challenging, and the result was a bomb: 5 million views on the first weekend and a very serious media coverage and all major news oulets in the country.