The Duel

  • Client
  • EuroLeague
  • Year
  • 2018
  • Work
  • Creativity, Production
  • Director
  • Carles Valdés

What makes a great leader? Who is better equiped to lead their team to the top? The biggest duel of the season is about to start, but the EuroLeague top players need to choose first: Team Arlaukas or Team Papaloukas?

The challenge for the EuroLeague season of 2018-2019 was harder than ever: sixteen players, two big legends, an official and even the competition president himself for a legendary face off. And, for the first time, a collaboration between EuroLeague and Movistar +. The result: a big hit with more than a million views in all platforms combined in the first week.

era un más difícil todavía en toda regla: dieciséis jugadores, dos leyendas, un árbitro e incluso el presidente de la competición en un enfrentamiento legendario en colaboración entre EuroLeague y Movistar. Y el resultado, un triunfo: más de un millón de visualizaciones en una semana entre todas las plataformas.