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One in five girls and one in ten boys are victims of sexual abuse in Spain. It does sound horrifying, but it's a rather optimistic figure: most cases go unreported and a great part of the victims will not even realize they are actual victims until adulthood. AB-Block was conceived with the goal to attack this huge problem that wrecks lives every day. AB-Block is a neuroscience-based tool that helps detect abuse even in children not able to verbalize it.

To get to the maximum of people possible, Vimema worked with AB-Block by making this video. Due to the online impact of the spot, AB-Block partnered with a major child hospital to collaborate in the test phase that will ensure the technology's success. Anything is too little for a cause like this.

  • CLIENTAB-Block
  • DATE2018
  • WORKCreativity, Production
  • DIRECTORCarles Valdés