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This is a very special project for us. It came about from a series of letters in which the OBC (Barcelona Symphony Orchestra) asked its subscribers to write, explaining their history with the OBC, to celebrate its 70th anniversary. Some of them were really moving, like the letter from Andrea, who gave up everything when she was 16 to study cello after listening to a piece by Dvoƙák performed by the Symphonic Orchestra of Barcelona.

With this in mind we wanted to pay tribute to those who make the OBC possible with their subscriptions and support over the years. Each had their own exclusive performance of one of their favourite pieces. The emotional results were fascinating and the filming experience is a memory we’ll never forget.

  • CLIENTL'Auditori de Barcelona
  • DATE2014
  • WORKCreativity, Production, Distribution
  • DIRECTORCarles Valdés