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A Christmas tale

What if your whole life changed overnight, what if you lost your most loved ones... you don't understand what a refugee goes through if you can't feel it in your own skin. We took that concept and, after listening to the stories of real refugees, we used it to shape this partnership with "Casa nostra casa vostra". They gather support for their manifesto, aimed at the Catalan authorities to try and force them to act on their commitment to offer asylum to a certain number of refugees fleeing from conflict areas.

The aim of the video is very clear: using a strong visual metaphor, we wanted to plunge the viewer in the hard conditions of those people forced to leave their homes, put them inside our homes, our own lives, to help us see, even though it's not easy to grasp, that we could be living the same tragedy. A harsh and risky move to shake some consciences in the middle of Christmas season.

  • CLIENTCasa Nostra Casa Vostra
  • DATE2016
  • WORKCreativity, Production
  • DIRECTORCarles Valdés