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Siroko - Saul Craviotto

This is one of our favourite videos for 2016 for the sunglasses brand Siroko. We were lucky to have Saúl Craviotto, olympic medal winner in spring canoeing in London and Beijing, as he was sponsored by Siroko, and also with the Olas sin barreras (Waves without barriers) non-profit organization working with differently abled or kids with a social exclusion risk factor using water sports as a tool to socialize and grow.

We put them together and there was an instant connection. Saúl promised the kids he will bring them back any medal he could win in the upcoming Rio de Janeiro olympics. Said and done: effort, hard training and perseverance paid off once more and Saúl was able to bring two medals (one gold) for the kids. Pure emotion in this tender spot that got near half a million views in Youtube.

  • CLIENTSiroko
  • DATE2016
  • WORKCreativity, Production
  • DIRECTOROriol Colomar