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After several years working on the annual SEB spot and facing all the judgements, criticism and even censorship this has entailed (the 2014 spot was censored on Youtube for 48h during the launch campaign for no reason), this year we wanted to convey a message: sex is often censored while violence is seen as normal and even trivialized. But there’s nothing wrong with enjoying sex however you want to.

With this in mind and with such a major media figure as Nacho Vidal, we created this spot that aims to encourage people to experience and enjoy their sexuality and, above all, not to judge others for how they enjoy theirs.

Last year Youtube censored the video and re-published it after 48h.

The result: over 500,000 views in just 48h. It became the most popular ad on Youtube over 4 days; it became news and was published in different media.

  • DATE2015
  • WORKCreativity, Production, Distribution
  • DIRECTORCarles Valdés